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Hanoi is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and is also the capital of most Vietnamese feudal dynasties before

In 1010 , King Ly Thai To , the first emperor of the Ly Dynasty , decided to build a new capital in this land under the name Thang Long . During the period of the Ly , Tran , Le , and Mac dynasties , Thang Long Citadel was the cultural , educational and trading center of the whole country.

When the Tay Son then Nguyen came to reign, the capital was transferred to Hue and Thang Long began to take its name from 1831 , under King Minh Mang .

In 1902 , Hanoi became the capital of the Indochina Federation and was built and re- planned by the French , dubbed the Eastern Little Paris at that time.

During the Vietnam War , Hanoi was the capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and after reunification continued to be the capital of the current Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It was the capital of French Indo-China 1887-1946 and of Northern Vietnam before uniting North and South Vietnam .

After the administrative boundary expansion in August 2008 , Hanoi now consists of 12 districts, 1 town and 17 suburban districts . Currently, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are two particularly important socio-economic centers of Vietnam .


Lying northwest of the center of the Red River delta , Hanoi is located from 20 ° 53 ‘to 21 ° 23’ Northern latitude and 105 ° 44 ‘to 106 ° 02’ East longitude, followed by bordering Thai Nguyen and Vinh Phuc provinces in the north, Ha Nam , Hoa Binh in the south, Bac Giang , Bac Ninh and Hung Yen in the east, Hoa Binh and Phu Tho in the west. Hanoi is 120 km away from Hai Phong port city, 87 km from Nam Dinh city, forming 3 main poles of the Red River Delta.  After the administrative boundary expansion in August 2008, the city has an area of ​​3,324.92 km², located on both sides of the Red River , but concentrates mainly on the right bank.


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