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Mai Chau was originally one of the five continents of the Cho Bo government when it established Muong province, the precursor of Hoa Binh province (1886). By 1892, Mai Chau was one of 5 provinces of Hoa Binh. In the Resistance War against France, Mai Chau is the southern part of the Da River of Mai Da District, belonging to the Viet Bac District from November 4, 1949, and entered August 9, 1950 and entered the Inter-region 3. September 21, 1957 Mai Mai district is divided into 2 districts Da Bac and Mai Chau. At that time, Mai Chau included 5 communes: Mai Thuong, Mai Ha, Tan Mai, Pu Bin, Bao


Ancient history and settlement.

After 1975, Mai Chau district had 1 Mai Chau town and 20 communes: Ba Khan, Bao La, Chieng Chau, Cun Pheo, Dong Bang, Hang Kia, Mai Ha, Mai Hich, Na Meo, Na Phon, Noong Luong, Pa Co, Pieng Vieng, Phuc Hotel, Pu Bin, Tan Mai, Thung Khe, Tong Dau, Van Mai, Khe Tattoo.


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